The joy of British flowers



I wanted to share these flowers today in lieu of sunshine, it has been so grey and wet all day long and I’ve been forced to delay the construction of my growhouse for yet another week, I’m getting so impatient to get my sweet peas started.  These beauties came from the Scilly Isles; #britishflowers, scented and seasonal – why you might want to choose unscented and forced flowers that have been transported many hundreds of miles over ones that have been home grown is beyond me.  And this is what is about to happen as we gear up for Valentine’s Day next month – the pressure will be on to buy red roses for a loved one.  But take a moment to consider where those roses have travelled from, and what has gone into their growing – and perhaps they won’t be quite so desirable.  They won’t have any perfume, they will very likely be full of chemical preservatives to help them survive their journey and last in the vase – and yet we’re being asked to believe they convey love and romance!  Roses are not seasonal in February – therefore they will not be the best they can be, however #britishflowers such as narcissi, hyacinths, anemones all are – and they will be fabulous and speak more of love than a dozen factory farmed roses ever will.

One thought on “The joy of British flowers

  1. Lovely post to remind us the new season is coming. Even my tiny new estate garden has four flowers hiding from the wind and rain, hello winter jasmine, pink viburnum, purple hellebores and wonderful scented sarcococca. Maybe only twenty foot long but full of surprises,

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