How it all began

Viburnum buds 2

If 2013 was the year for discovering my dream, 2014 will be the year for realising it.  This time last year I had started to actively follow the tweets of growers and florists using the hashtag #britishflowers, focused on one hour a week on a Monday evening 8-9pm – partly because what they had to say was interesting and inspiring, and also because a little seed of an idea had begun to germinate in my mind.  I loved my garden; being in it and working with plants and the soil helped maintain my equilibrium and made me happy – there were people ‘out there’ making a living from growing and selling cut flowers, I started to wonder if one day  I might join their ranks?  I started to pay even more attention on a Monday evening; I bought a new notebook and started writing up the notes that Georgie Newbery published on her blog via her website CommonFarmFlowers.

More to follow…

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