Making plans

Miniature posy
I’m starting to get itchy fingers.  I’ve enjoyed the enforced downtime of the winter months and I needed the break from my flower field so that I could dedicate time to my home and my garden – but now I’m getting restless.  So it’s time to get the new season underway.  At the start of the month I attended Plantpassion‘s workshop ‘The business of growing cut flowers’;  I highly recommend it, it’s very informative and I can’t think of a better way to get the flower farmer’s sap rising – I’ve certainly got lots to think about and many lists will be written.

Then I met up with a photographer friend at Wisley and whilst the rain steadily poured down on the gardens we hatched plans over lunch.  I’m not saying any more at this point but with luck more will be revealed later in the year, once I have a field full of flowers.  Weather permitting this week will allow me to make a long overdue visit to my flower field to check on the bulbs and seedlings I’ve overwintered and to lay down the vast quantities of cardboard I’ve collected; these will act as ground cover, both to suppress weeds and to help warm up the soil.

Finally I’ve been catching up with my internet browsing and inspired by Floret Flower Farm’s blog post about her ten favourite spring flowers I’ve sorted through my seed collection and selected some seeds to be sown at the start of next month.  The larkspur have gone into the freezer to get them in the mood to germinate, and I’ll also be starting off small batches of the following:

Iceland Poppies, Nigella, Cornflowers, Cynoglossum and Ammi



One thought on “Making plans

  1. I’m doing my best to hold off but I did sow a few cornflowers -just to check they are viable of course!!

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